Brian Jablon


I have worked in the camping and outdoor industry for 18 years. I have helped grow an established company from just selling "stuff" to creating a brand and a market identity. I help find the "pain" and find the way to not just resolve it, but find the root cause and stop it from returning. I have guided every aspect of the business from product development to packaging. I was successful in building a sales team as well as coaching them on how to become the best and most knowledgable sales ambassadors in the market. I look for the waste as well as where more investment is necessary. I help find the "want" and exploit it and then help create the "need" so the two intersect and become the "sale". I have always tried to find the "why", in the product as well as in the brand. I love to research the market and dissect the competition, looking for both their strength as well as their weakness. I help you create the brand that "they" must have.