Drew Smith

Drew Smith

Brand Designer at Converse // Art Director at Tempo Magazine

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As an excited and passionate designer, I am looking to kick start my career in the apparel and fashion industry. I believe, as a designer, we need to be hyper-aware of our surroundings and the happenings in the world. All those things are our fuel to design new and meaningful products.

With backgrounds in marketing and fine art that aid my expertise in graphic design, I am able to bring a variety of skills and craftsmanship to the table develop well-designed, targeted work that gets results. I am looking to stay in the apparel & fashion industry to make an impact. I have been able to fine tune my skills in Digital Design, Print Publication, Photography, Advertising & Marketing, Web Experiences, Adobe Creative Suite and Storytelling.

I won't quit until I reach my goals. I am an extremely quick learner and fearless of hard work. I will do whatever it takes to get something done, which would make me a great asset to your company and design team.