Cynthia Lyons


I am a print and digital production professional with a rich knowledge of all aspects of the production process. I am heavily experienced in pre-press, print and digital production in both magazine publishing and advertising agency environments.

My body of work has included everything from print collateral materials, major national and custom published magazine titles, to back-end app development and production of digital editions on several platforms.

I have significant experience effectively managing all production aspects of a project, from initial inception to finished product, and have a great affinity for creating a well-thought out schedule and sticking to it. Possessing a strong ability to learn and adapt on-the-fly to the ever-evolving demands of the industry, I'm known as a detail-oriented multitasker, with unmatched organizational and problem-solving skills, and an unflappable demeanor under stringent deadlines.

As a manager, my goal is to collaborate closely with publishers, editors, art directors and others on my team to develop an efficient workflow, set high standards for the production of all materials and to constantly monitor processes to identify possible ways to improve. These skills and knowledge have allowed me to consistently deliver beyond expectations.

Having a background in the traditional disciplines of graphic design, art direction and photography has influenced me greatly in my career thus far, and the demands and challenges of a constantly-evolving print and digital publishing landscape has provided me with opportunities to continually add to my skill set.

In my free time, I enjoy photography, health and fitness, memory keeping, filmmaking and video editing and have been known to cook a few gourmet dishes once in a while.