Arun Kumar

Arun Kumar


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Arun Kumar is an engineer – entrepreneur. He is the young and energetic CEO of Billionways Internet Holding and eBixie Solutions. Arun has a strong appreciation of E-commerce and Internet Technologies.

He started off in his entrepreneurial journey very early. He was an entrepreneur even while in college – running a small part time internet services business. Today, Arun heads two internet based businesses both of which he started soon after completing his engineering degree in Computer Science.

In 2009, he co-founded Billionways Internet Holding (BIH) and is its CEO. BIH is focused on becoming world’s best Conversion optimization company. BIH is building a world class e-commerce conversion optimisation software for improving website conversions. Around the same time, Arun had also co-founded eBixie Solutions, an internet services company providing internet marketing services to international clients.

Arun is passionate about entrepreneurship and sees Internet as a great opportunity for Indian entrepreneurs.