Andrew Rossillo


Chameleon content, social media, and marketing super powers combined with a genuine mission to help as many people as possible. Attract, engage, and convert first-time visitors to loyal followers and nurture existing user base across any target audience in any medium. Significantly enhance awareness to spread key messages and consistently increase conversions to grow, grow, grow. It’s all about creating honest and value-based connections…sprinkled with a tasty and healthy dose of compassion, humor, and positivity.

Magnetize new customers, achieve optimal client retention, and improve internal communication with my marketing, technical, and informational writing, editing, development, execution, measurement, optimization, and management. From positioning your company as an expert authority and innovative thought leader to helping you develop and craft the messaging and style around your unique selling proposition (USP), inimitable brand, stellar identity, and brilliant reputation, prepare to stand out as the lone orange when everyone’s comparing apples to apples.

Want me to write a blog post? Coming right up. Need a Twitter or Facebook campaign? Absolutely. Your editorial calendar requires content management? Consider it managed. Sales department needs help developing a drip campaign? I’ll be your percolator. Product management and client services need a presentation? I sent it yesterday. Need to develop and execute cross-department unification and company-wide communications to optimize operations? Check your inbox.