Andrew Rossillo

Andrew Rossillo

Chameleon Content Manager, Marketing Specialist, Copywriter

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How do you plan to make 2018 a record breaker? As a start, I’d recommend hiring someone who has my comprehensive, growing skill set paired with a rich passion and unwavering commitment to excellence and service to others.

You can enhance your business with my chameleon copywriting and editing super powers as well as inject your business with a powerful boost from my marketing, public relations, communications, branding, advertising, and project management talents. I can easily transition from writing and editing marketing communications or technical documents to planning and executing marketing/advertising campaigns and from direct current- and prospective-client communications to improving internal workflows. Regardless of what I’m working on, I remain calm under fire at all times, managing volatile, shifting priorities as needed to make sure my team and clients get what they need, when they need it.

I’m motivated by opportunities to help my team grow. Whether it’s a teammate or client, I genuinely enjoy serving others, exploring their unique challenges and connecting them to the solutions they need. I have well-developed emotional intelligence and deep empathy that allow me to craft engaging messaging and penetrate the barrage of marketing and advertising people are subjected to on a daily basis. Let’s break through together.

I'm also motivated by the virtually infinite resources available today that allow for continuing education. I leverage these resources to learn new marketing/advertising/communications technologies, channels, platforms, and methods in order to pursue record-breaking revenue. With that, directly contributing to the growing success of the company by helping deliver top-quality services and products would be my primary goal at all times.

I would be grateful for the opportunity for highly interactive, mutually beneficial collaboration within your team.

I also promise this is the only time I’ll talk this much about myself. After this, it would be all about the company’s needs, and how we can best serve our clients.