Kayla Adams


Hey, my name is Kayla. I want to believe I'm not your average human just looking for a job but what do I know? I'd like to paint a beautiful picture for you to get the best first impression of me possible but chances are you'll get the full effect of Kayla Lynn Adams in person. I left my home and traveled 3000 miles away from Connecticut to sweet lovely California in hopes to do that "living the dream" thing that everyone is always talking about. And here I am, as a server at a hookah lounge. Apparently everyone wants the same job as me so a lot of employers overlook my application. Maybe it's cause I'm just so intimidating? Or too cute to be taken seriously. Either way, I'm your best chance at having a good day at work. I know I am a valuable employee to have on staff and I know that I'm not someone you'd regret taking a chance on. So give me that chance.