Sam Langley

Sam Langley

Professional Athlete/Brand Ambassador/Instructor/Drone Operations

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Currently in the wake (board, surf, skate) industry working with Tommy's and Malibu boats in several different aspects.

1) I am signed athlete for Tommy's boats as well as Resyn wakeskates as a sponsored wakeskater.
2) I am an instructor/coach for anything wake oriented behind the boat (wakeboarding, wakeskating, and wakesurfing) and fully compatible with the latest wake boating technology as well as capable to operate a vessel in a safely manner with expertise.
3) I am involved with Tommy's boats marketing program to go out within the community, being the face of the brand, to interact with possible future clientele to help promote sales and brand awareness in a positive way that's free to the public.
4) I'm involved with production in Tommy's boats social media and market shooting 100% of their drone shots as well as a large portion of their photography and videography and often playing a role in the subjected environment being shot.