Nicholas Mesa

Nicholas Mesa

Client Relations Representative

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My name is Nicholas Mesa and I am interested in obtaining a position that pertains to my interest and passion for the moto industry.

As an undergraduate Communications major with an emphasis in marketing studies and a minor in graphic design from Cal State Fullerton, as well as my personal experience and passionate interest the moto industry, I am confident that my education and industry knowledge make me an excellent candidate to fulfill a position.

With fourteen years of experience riding dirt bikes, I have consistently followed the moto industry and gained extensive knowledge regarding its operational make-up as a whole. Through my current experiences as an intern at 714 Media, I have developed an extensive understanding of how a major media company operates within the marketing industry, and consequently have learned to effectively address consumer insights within various markets while prioritizing tasks and meeting deadlines in a fast-paced work environment.

After six years working in the food service industry, I have developed proficient skills in communication as well as working efficiently under pressure and creating a positive experience for guests. I am comfortable taking on large new challenges and am prepared to support the operations within your company.

I am also a hands-on kinesthetic learner who enjoys working with big-picture goals, but my time as the CEO of my own brand of P & N Products has taught me the importance of paying attention to details, managing multiple different projects at a time, and applying feedback from consumers to improve my companies efficiency and reputation. Additionally, my internship experience with a marketing/communications team has broadened my understanding of building a brand and creating strategies to grow a company within a particular market. I am exceedingly comfortable in regards to communicating with a wide variety of people as well as presenting myself professionally and respectively representing my affiliations.

Overall, I believe my qualifications make me a perfect candidate for you to get to know and place within any given organization that relates to my skills.