Jessie Taylor

Jessie Taylor

Marketing Specialist

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I am a proud UC Irvine Class of 2017 Graduate with a Bachelor's of Science degree. I am currently working in the Golf Industry in San Diego, and am seeking a Full-Time Marketing position in the Orange County area.

I have a passion for the action sports industry--which is really so much more than just sports. It represents the love for life, tapping into your adventurous spirit, and maybe doing something a little crazy once in a while. My dream is to tell that story, and show others the freedom, exhilaration, and memories that these sports can give. Personally, my addiction started through sailing, then progressed to surfing and skiing. But really, it is an addiction, a healthy one! I know through this lifestyle people are enjoying their life a little bit more and if I could contribute to that, I’d be very happy with my life.