Kevin Nimick

Kevin Nimick


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30 year old roots in snowboarding and skateboarding have bridged my life between the PNW & New England. Having sampled or scrutinized what feels like the entire smorgasbord of careers in the action sports industry and beyond, I continually found the dynamic elements of larger scale retail management most enriching. It fostered an evolving outlet to share stoke & perspectives across all levels of participation. Benefits from that invaluable education also include the development of a doctoral understanding of gear & consumer habits, steady commendation for industry contributions, the nurturing of an enviable network, and becoming a turbo ambassador to these specialized markets.

My evolutionary focus now lies in refining marketing, sales, event, and product oriented elements of my experience for a single brand or agency.

Outside of work, you'll find me chasing 50+ day Winters, hosting parties, traveling, dancing, hairless cat petting, Peter Panning, silver lining hunting, neurotically tidying, hiking, at concerts, watching films, connecting dots, overcoming animosity, and aggressively friending!

For a long-winded peek into the last 20ish years of my life, leading up to employment with evo, see the following article by Snowboarder Magazine's Taylor Boyd...