Andrew Leeper

Andrew Leeper

Marketing Represetative/Merchandiser

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Dear Mr. or Ms.:

I am looking for a marketing and graphic design position in a vibrant, competitive environment. I saw and am very much interested in your MARKETING/ COMPUTER GRAPHIC DESIGN POSITION advertised on your web site. My background at San Diego State University and marketing experience in the field have given to me tremendous marketing and analytical abilities. These abilities are my biggest assets and greatest strengths, along with a very strong acumen in managing and coordinating projects and people. And I have now finished my graphic design degree at Coleman University, where I learned how to take a project from concept all the way to production. Through my education at Coleman I have obtained a high level of expertise with all of the basic computer graphic design programs including Quark, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and Flash; and have learned a great deal about the printing process and how to manage and finish on-time several projects simultaneously. Consequently I feel more than qualified for the position in your advertisement.

I am interested in marketing and graphic design because this is where I can contribute to a company in the most significant manner. It is also where I would be most happy. I have always had a tremendous ability to organize, layout, and to find creative angles in order to graphically communicate the intended message. And, I possess a deep vocabulary and have a strong command of English which allows me to effectively illustrate that message in words. However, above all else, it is my analytical, managerial, and organizational skills that are without a doubt my strongest abilities. In summary, I have confidence that I possess the necessary skills in order to be successful, and a personality that will allow me to get along with all kinds of different individuals in this type of position.

In conclusion, I feel that I am the person your company is looking for to fill the MARKETING/ COMPUTER GRAPHIC DESIGN POSITION that you have advertised. I am most capable of performing it successfully, and I will find the experience to be most pleasing and helpful toward my career goals. So, I must ask you for the opportunity to interview for this open position.


Andrew M. Leeper,
SDSU Graduate.