Kyle Ellison


I am a Designer, a Maker, a Builder, and an Artist.
I am driven by an intense desire to make and surround myself with beautiful things. Interesting three-dimensional objects continuously fascinate me, and in my work I obsess over fit, finish, and form, as I strive to enhance a user’s experience in everything that I create.

I believe that through collaboration, participation, and engrossing myself in the world for which I am making product, that I can turn insights and experience into products that enhance and enrich people’s lives.

I spent the last 13 years making products for the outdoor sports and recreation arena. Nearly every project I worked on has made it into production. Which means that I have been an integral part of meeting cost targets, maintaining schedules and making sure the product is ready for the manufacturing process.

As a sportsman, an athlete and designer, I’ve found this to be a fun, exciting, and constantly changing field to design products for. I am constantly amazed at how far a professional athlete will push the boundaries of a sport in their strive for excellence, and their drive to achieve the seemingly unachievable. And I am amazed at the lengths a sportsman will go in pursuit of their goals.

My charismatic, playful character can easily manage cross-functional teams, awkward meetings and late night conference calls with Far East partners. I thrive in a collaborative environment, and I am dedicated to enhancing people’s lives by bringing world-class products to market through thoughtful, and inspired design.

My goal as a professional is to continue to challenge myself, by designing products that allow any user to preform to their peak potential through the use of innovative and thought product.