Dan Byrnes

Dan Byrnes

Writer + Communicator + Adventurer

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In September, I completed a lifelong goal of backpacking the entire 2,190-mile Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine starting in March 2017. A couple thousand attempt this trek every year and only a fraction complete it. In preparation, I researched, planned, and budgeted for the solo, six-month backpacking trip. Interacting with other hikers and people who run small businesses throughout trail towns taught me invaluable communications skills, management skills, and problem-solving skills. I'm hoping to use these skills, along with the patience, self-discipline, fortitude, and tenacity it took to complete this goal, in everything I do off the trail.

My specialties include writing (fiction, nonfiction, freelance), copy editing, video communication (filming, directing, and editing), reporting, public and media relations, and social media.

I'm passionate about having a work-life balance that allows me to continue hiking, backpacking, practicing yoga, and meeting new people (and their dogs).