John Pellerito


Hey guys here’s a bit about myself and endeavors in sales and the action sports industry.
Being Based out of Huntington Beach California for just over 10 years, I have been heavily engaged in the surf industry and learning from all angles from a young ripe age.
I have been an independent sales rep for a few different companies in surf retail and other industries!
I have prior experience with branding : Social media coordination, promotions, advertising, demo days, product clinics, events etc.
Operations: also past experience with inside/outside sales, account relations, accounts payable.
I have had many years of networking and chasing down opportunities already under my belt! Most of which opened many doors for me to travel surf the world while building my portfolio and furthering my education.
I have attained superior communications skills and a strong drive that keeps me focused on success.

Looking to connect with any brands or operations in the Southern California area. I would be an asset to any company!