gabriel zavala


I grew up skateboarding... some might say I haven't grown up because I still try and spend as much time riding as I can. I'm ok with that because skateboarding is where I learned about connecting with people and express ideas. I found photography and my artistic expression through the people I rode with. If it wasn't for actions sports my life would be vastly different and I don't think I would have developed the same strengths I have now.

I'm a modern, entrepreneurial-minded marketing professional, possessing a diverse set of transferable skills and a proven ability to deliver results, be resourceful, and add value to the team. I'm a life long student and always looking to expand my knowledge and skill set.

I have a diverse background steeped in experiences that helps bring fresh ideas to the table. Areas of specialization include sales, large team leadership, marketing concepts, customer persona study, transforming data into insight, and mobile OS platforms for advertising.

I tend to work in a broader capacity, typically falling into leadership roles within teams; I do not shy away from speaking up and sharing concept development, ideas and content marketing strategy. I’m flexible and capable as an individual contributor, but also adept at leading and managing teams; working with both internal and external resources.