Gabriel Zavala


I'm a modern, entrepreneurial-minded marketing professional, possessing a diverse set of transferable skills and a proven ability to deliver results, be resourceful, and add value to the team. I'm a life long student and always looking to expand my knowledge and skill set. I have 12+ years developing professional experience: working in sales, managing teams, published photographer, working with social media, and marketing strategies. After that, I went to school and got a bachelor's in marketing.

I'm looking to join a company that shares my same values as me, sincerely wants to improve people's lives, and a healthy, balanced life. My idea job turns into a career, and I get to feel a sense of pride when I tell someone I work for _insert name here_ company because we help others get the most out of their lives. Skate more, bike more, run more, camp more, fish more, climb more, drive more, even game more! As long as what we do is about making others happy, I'm in!

I'm here to help you get cool people to tell cool stories: to inspire others!