Albie Cullen

Albie Cullen

Renaissance Counsel

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An elite education (Phillips Andover, Holy Cross, University of San Diego/Suffolk Law) combined with over forty years of practical business experience (primarily in the entertainment fields of sports and music) makes Counselor Cullen equipped to successfully handle any and all challenges.

Most recently he agreed to act as General Manager for a struggling transportation business on the verge of dissolution. Tasked with hiring all new driver’s (background checks, drug testing, training, conflict (harassment verbal, physical) resolution; bringing the company into regulatory and contractual compliance, and reviewing and producing the business’ financial statements and business plan going forward he single handily took a business from the verge of dissolution to solid footing with systems in place to insure compliance and a plan for continued growth and success.

Prior to that venture he served as managing partner in Cullen and Cullen, a locally and nationally recognized litigation firm based in South Boston, specializing in white collar and criminal defense. In addition to the same tasks he performed as general manager above he was solely responsible for the day to day operations of the business, operations to billing and collections. In addition t high profile cases and clients recognizing the government’s expanding punishment and life altering negative colllatarl consequences for even misdemeanor offenses the firm also accepted many court appointed an pro bono clients. Successfully protecting the rights of clients deemed indigent by the Courts.

Counselor Cullen’s primary field of expertise was the representation, management and/or agency for athletes, artists, performers and corresponding music/media/ entertainment companies with whom these figures contracted. His first client after law school graduation was the agent for the Greatest Hitter of All-Time, Ted Williams. Drafting, negotiating and litigating when necessary these rights, licenses and performance contracts on behalf of both sides. His work with high profile clients provided invaluable experience in handling the issues that surround “celebrity”clients.

With legendary music business promoter the late Jerry Brenner Cullen formed sports and served as President. Ad the exclusive music provider to which was CBS television sports website, Cullen hired and supervised a staff that produced, recorded and//or licensed music compilations that corresponded to a particular sport (“The Perfect Swing”, featuring an introduction by Ted Williams) or sporting event, “The Final Four”. His involvement in the entertainment business started when he was in a local band at the age of fifteen that received local radio airplay and contiinues to this day.

Some of his experiences are chronicled in the fiction, novel “Drown” which was the number three best seller of all-time for publisher, Publish America. In a case of professional irony the novel’s rights reverted to the author after a dispute over unpaid royalties.

When Cullen is not agreeing to helm struggling businesses, working on behalf of and/or socializing with well known athletes or musicians he can always be found surfing a secret spot in Rhode Island, or Costa Rica, or Portugal, or Ireland, or Panama. Having started surfing very late what he lacks in ability he makes up for by charging hard; even paddling out through broken ice in the balmy 34 degree water (compared to the -10 degree with wind chill air temperature) off the Coast of Novia Scotia in the month of March.

Whether in life, business or surfing, Cullen welcomes new challenges, “Anyone can paddle out in board shorts in waist high, clean, 78 degree water, When you’ve lost feeling below the waist, you can see the icicles dangling from your wetsuit hood visor and you paddle and make the drop by feel your eyes closed against the dagger like feeling of the off shore wind driving the pelllets of sleet into your eyes, now that’s surfing! Or maybe insanity.