Ashton Smith

Ashton Smith

Industrial Designer - Product Design and Development Physical Goods)

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I am a creator. My passion is to make, fix, break, repeat. I do not identify as an artist or an engineer, but as someone who transforms problems into solution-based products.

I design to the subtle nuances of exchanges between users and products, creating a poetry of interactions. These relationships make using my designs intuitive, intimate, and cherished, adding value to products and the people that use them.

I find that I work best while engaging in each and every aspect of product development from ideation, to prototyping, to manufacturing, and all the way through marketing and sales. When engaged to this extent I find that my greatest strengths are utilized. Multitasking, problem solving, and directing a focused team effort to efficiently complete projects are not only my strengths, they are what I enjoy. Ultimately I seek to be a creative director where I can find a balance between empowering my team and designing creative solutions.

As a multi-disciplinary competitive cyclist for the 2018 season I am racing for Specialized, Sram, Trail Head Cyclery, Stikrd, Kali Protectives, Karma Tequila, Beyond Fistula, and others.