Anokah Maynard


Hi! Thanks for visiting my page. I’m an extremely passionate and creative designer. I pride myself in putting my all into absolutely every project I take on. I’ve been in the industry for 10+ years and trained under some of the top fashion business individuals and Designers in the Industry. I think I'm the perfect mix of creative and business... I am an artist at heart, but I understand that in the end, this is a business and I will align myself and do the work that needs to be done to drive sales.

Brands I’ve worked on include: Fila (in line and co lab projects), Sketchers Activewear, Karl Lagerfeld, Simply Vera by Vera Wang, Argyle Culture, Todd Smith by LL Cool J, French Connection UK (lifestyle), Vena Cava etc.

Skills include:
-Manages a team of 8+ design employees;
-Expert communicator to factory;
-Overseas travel to factory and design shopping trip;
-Expert at sketching & tech packs;
-Expert at Fit and Technical Design;
-Present design concept and trends to sales, directors and respective retailers;
-Price negotiator w/ Production Manager & respective factories
-Properly organize and manage my work and work of the team to meet Calendar deadlines.
-Create and maintain T&A Calendar

I am relocating to California in the next few months and would like to solidify a position before arriving. I look forward to bringing my New York hustle and wit to a wonderful brand that will have me.