Gouichi Tanaka

Gouichi Tanaka

Industrial Designer

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My name is Gouichi, and I'm an industrial designer seeking an opportunity to get my feet wet in the world of soft goods, particular in the outdoor and travel space.

I've enjoyed the outdoors since I was a kid, whether I'm on a day hike up a mountain, or simply enjoying the breeze under shade of a tree.
I was lucky to have spent a semester studying abroad in Costa Rica in 2014, and since then I've visited friends in Japan, traveled New Zealand for a year - and look forward to more international adventures to come!

As a consumer, I know the feeling of absolutely loving a product like a backpack - for its functionality and beautiful style, to feel attached to it over years of discovering new parts of the world with it, and having it carry all of your valuable possessions.
I'd like to create those feelings for others like myself.