Max Sherman

Max Sherman

Graphic Designer

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I’m a designer that loves to put a spin on the average world of design. I’m a person who views graphic design a little differently than most other designers. I like to come up with unique and exciting ways to make my work stand out, to come up with ways of avoiding playing it safe. Once I adopted graphic design as a form of art I became immediately obsessed with lettering and typography along with the concept of combining my illustration abilities with the world of graphic design. I love hand lettered work, hand made design work, traditional tangible pieces that carry a unique aesthetic that creates their own personality. I think it’s important for every project, brand, etc. to have their own identity and character that we can relate to or become moved by. The world is an ever changing place and design is the same kind of beast. I work in a way that is fluid with the visual world that surrounds us and I work towards always looking one step ahead, not just what worked last time but what can I do for next time. I’m always looking toward new styles and executions.

All in all I’m a designer that loves the process of design and everything that comes with it. I spend most of my days sketching anything from Heavy Metal related illustrations to custom lettering to Jim Phillips-esque artwork. I’m always flipping through old poster books for new ideas of lettering and layouts for my next project. I’ve embarked on a journey to combine my two passions, illustration and design in a new way. To create a world around me that excites and motivates those passions each day. I just want to make really cool things and provide people with an awesome experience