Chelsea Burton


I began my residency as an emerging but passionate, boardsmith & graphic designer, and ended a more thoroughly explored & seasoned creative--obtaining a better understanding of myself and the creative community I have been searching for. I believe in respect and betterment through design under the principles of quality, purpose, and creativity. Though I am also a power tool enthusiast (boarsmith), and strive to encourage young women to pursue career fields they find interest in but may otherwise feel foreign or excluded from (i.e.--action sports and STEM).

I design visual identities through graphic design with a personal illustrative flare, extending from handcrafted products, such as longboard/skateboards, to digital social media marketing. During my time as a Creative Resident I extended my tech skills comprehensively in a variety of Adobe programs including Illustrator and Photoshop, mobile applications Sketch and Capture, as well as their online application Spark. I also actively shared the process of my work and sought (and still currently seek) feedback through Adobe mentors, female leaders in the action sports industry, online communities such as She Shreds, and over a cup of coffee with fellow peers. Beyond my passion for functional and sustainable design, I also enjoy life by a large body of water, practicing yoga, and extensively researching the philosophy of Jim Henson.

As a daughter of The Rust Belt, I am seeking an full-time opportunity to relocate and immerse myself in a creative community to eagerly practice my passion and continuing to learn about the design industry and its constant advancements. I want to be a part of a team of creatives collaborating with the desire to persistently improve, and develop clever & meaningful design.