Brian Kell


Passionate outdoor educator and enthusiast combining over a decade of leadership programming and guiding experience with a robust business acumen to promote organizational growth and increase the reach and impact of your company's mission!

My love for the outdoors led me to work in college outdoor programs, where I organized and led trainings, clinics, adventure trips and large events, and taught participants the skills needed to safely and responsibly enjoy the outdoors. After working in collegiate outdoor programming for a decade, I transitioned for a few years to the business sector, urged by mentors to hone my business skills in order to bridge the gap between the passionate work we do for the outdoors and the skills necessary to expand our influence. Earning an MBA, working for a corporate financial giant, and participating as a founding member of a start-up have all taught me how to grow and market a business, and to effectively communicate values to a wide audience. I've learned to apply my natural love for meeting new people to building meaningful working relationships, creating new intra- and inter-industry partnerships, and generally bringing like-minded people together to pursue a common goal. Through all of this, my love for the outdoors and advocacy work never wavered, with continued growth in both areas through volunteering on non-profit boards and enjoying Colorado's great outdoor playground.