Scott Sorensen


Accomplished strategic marketing executive and business leader with extensive experience building brands, increasing sales, improving profitability, developing new business, cultivating strategic partnerships, and managing product. Able visionary with strong customer insight and the ability to focus energies on rapid analysis of market conditions leading to effective short-term and long-term solutions that lead to incredible bottom line results and brand equity. Compassionate and empowering leader known for developing highly dynamic and productive teams that consistently produce positive results.

Lifestyle Brands, Sporting Goods, Eyewear, Action Sports, Outdoor, Video Game, Esports, Digital Marketing, SaaS, Technology Services, Health and Wellness, and eCommerce Senior Marketing Executive at Gunnar, GVC, FGX International, Essilor, and Dragon Alliance.

Depth of Experience: Global Marketing, Digital Strategy, Brand Management, General Management, Creative Direction, Product Management, Product Marketing, P&L Ownership, New Business Development

Key Skills: Leadership, Integrated Marketing and Advertising, Digital Marketing, PR, High Performing Team Development, Product Management, Product Marketing, Ecommerce, B2B and B2C Sales and Marketing, Interactive and Social Media Marketing, Marketing Analytics and SEO, Brand Management, Strategic Partnerships, and P&L Management