Madeline Bucheleres


I am a recent graduate from The University of Alabama looking for a job in the marketing field.

My position as stylist and social media manager at Soca Clothing has taught me the ins and outs of social media marketing. This job has also taught me the importance of time management, multitasking, organization and communication skills while working on a team. My past internships have given me experience with enhancing each company’s public perception through strategies and tactics, specifically working with e-commerce and engaging customers over several media platforms. This has taught me that being creative, detail-oriented and diverse with your work has great rewards.

Through my time as a student in The University of Alabama’s public relations program, I am able to think under pressure while performing at a high level. Finding new ways to solve problems is something that keeps me on my feet while being attentive and proactive when issues arise. I am flexible when things do not go as planned and am able to keep tasks and team members organized and in order. I also have the ability to listen closely and learn quickly, which is crucial to young professionals.

Please feel free to contact- [email protected]