Kao Tang Ying Moua

Kao Tang Ying Moua


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I have over five years of experience in research, program design, compiling reports and implementation of programs. As a well rounded individual- I have a unique combination of skills and experience in: community behavioral health research, face to face interaction with young people, program development, program implementation, scientific research related to women and children’s health, and data analysis in marginalized communities. I am looking to take my skill set and apply it into a new sector, particularly consumerism in lifestyle industries.

Beyond my experience in program development and research - I have a unique skill set in presenting scientific educational material and content in a creative way across diverse teams and communities. My current role requires that I am creative, in tune with social media platforms/trends, understanding of cultural shifts and social dynamics, and regularly challenges me to think beyond the role of a provider in order to meet young people’s needs in a high crises environment. I have worked in hospitals and provider settings alike and understand the confidential nature of patient/client information. My strengths are in developing detailed content and presenting in a creative manner that is thought provoking and memorable while achieving deadlines and milestones in a non-stressful manner. I am currently going back to school, part time, to expand my understanding in digital and social media platforms.