Damien Robertson


I grew up on the Big Island of Hawaii after high school i moved to the island of Oahu to attend college at kapiolani community college. Within my second year of college i was given the opportunity to sign my first year long filming contract with Bodyglove to follow their surf team around the world gathering content and making web edits. this contract with BodyGlove ended up getting extended for five years. I Then got the opputunity to work with athlete Jamie Obrien and Created Redbulls top Webseries " Who Is JOB 2.0-9.0" . During this time i all so created Jamie Obriens Youtube channel with now over 245,000 subscribers and a fully Functioning merch store. While Filming this webseries with RedBull i found time to work with world champion surfer John John Florence on Two of his movie projects Done and View From a Blue Moon. Currently i am residing in
San Clemente, California working at weedmaps as the action sports media manager.
all ways keeping my eye out for the next move!