Deanna Imfeld


I am a recent marketing graduate of Griffith University, Australia.
I am originally from New York and began my marketing journey in high school,
taking extra classes so that I was nearly a year ahead by the time I entered college. When I went to Marist College down in Poughkeepsie, I knew my heart was set on Australia and took the opportunity to study abroad when I was only 19. Once I got there by myself, I transferred and completed my degree. I was able to travel the country and still be able to graduate early. I ended up staying for two and a half years, where I gained experiences through internships, positions with start ups and other professional work. I have a number of creative skills and what I lack in experience, I will make up for in my drive to learn and my dedication and loyalty to the company.
I currently run two art pages on Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr to showcase my
own photography and art, where I sell commission pieces and tattoo designs. Along with my studies, I managed an internship with the small business, Cloud Assess, as a
marketing assistant and community manager. During the internship, I developed a
strategic marketing plan for the company by developing tiers for current and potential
clients. I then began implementing the process, as well as developing their brand through blog entries and social media posts. I used Hubspot and other programs to monitor their newsfeeds on Twitter and Facebook as well as Google Analytics to track site hits through blog entries. This had led to a permanent position with the company as a marketing
assistant. The experience has developed my love of social media and a desire to continue creative pursuits in every new role.
While working as an instructional designer, I developed skills in content creation,
video creation and content writing. I have developed video editing skills, social media
knowledge and the ability to develop graphics for companies.