Kayla Price


Kayla Price, B.S. University of Minnesota, is an apparel designer who focuses on designing garments that are simplistic, functional, and inspired. Kayla was able to study at the London College of Fashion; it was there that she was able to take classes such as shoemaking, advanced illustration, and leather accessories. Kayla also had the opportunity to work for Tara LaTour, a couture bridal design company based in Minnesota, as a designer. She currently resides in Milwaukee, WI and has worked as a designer for Men's Classic Brands at Kohl's for the past three years. It is from these experiences that Kayla has found strong attention to detail, a standard of quality, and enthusiasm for the creative process.

In her free time Kayla enjoys doing yoga, spending time with her family and friends, and eating ice cream.

To learn more about Kayla and her work, please visit: www.everydaykayla.com