Tony Baker

Tony Baker

Creative Team Leader, Creative Ops Specialist

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I help develop and lead creative operations and imaging teams. Fortune 50 companies in the retail, publishing and entertainment sectors trust me to shape their image. Whether starting from the ground up or improving existing customer-facing image-based communications, as a follower of lean management philosophies I help simplify the complex and do more with less. I optimize budgetary realities while improving the quality of your content output from your global network or a single studio facility.

I collaborate with senior leadership to develop strategies and methods to monitor financial and quality goals in creative environments. I excel in fast-paced, ever-evolving, large-scale situations while maintaining focus and a sense of urgency in all phases of production.

With a 20+ year career as an award-winning photographer/director I have proven experience using both the creative and logistical approaches to developing efficient communication teams and compelling content catalogs. Where most see these two things as contradictory, I see them as both complimentary and necessary for one another.

Career includes work with leading brands like Amazon, Nike, Target, Conde Nast, Rolling Stone, AT&T, PlayStation, CSX, People, O Magazine, Playboy, and Billboard.