Christopher  Simko


I just recently moved out to the Cleveland, Ohio area from Las Vegas, NV for investment opportunities in real estate. I have a sales, marketing, and customer service oriented background. I have extraordinary relationship building skills and I find customer service and the rapport building process to be an overall enjoyable part of work. I am flexible and can adapt well to different work situations. My social abilities allow me to empathize and understand customers and the situations they encounter so that I may better assist them. I have experience in helping to develop a corporate identity and marketplace presence. This includes supervising a sales team, planning, implementing and improving lead generation campaigns, as well as measuring result.

I am confident you will find that I have an upbeat personality with a mature and rational approach to problem solving. I have had the opportunity to work well under pressure. You will also find that I am light hearted and can take constructive criticism well. I see it as an opportunity for self- improvement. My work ethic is a reflection of my character and a representation that I put forth 100% effort with the intention of success in mind. I pride myself in the ability to lead but have the humbleness of a team player. I am passionate and dedicated in everything I do and am always striving for excellence and perfection. I am always open for new opportunities & great connections. - Christopher Simko