Jonelle Engberg


My name is Jonelle Nichole Engberg. I just recently graduated from Marist College in New York with a Bachelors in Fashion Merchandising and a concentration in Fashion Promotion including, advertising, marketing, managing, creative development and a Minor in Communications. Since graduating I have spent the past seven months working for an Anthropologie store in Carlsbad, California. I am currently looking for a full-time position working with Brixton in Oceanside, CA. My skill set, knowledge of the company, brand concept/theory, creative ability, progressive thinking and desire to create an exceptional product makes me the ideal candidate for the position.

I have worked for companies large and small across the world since beginning my college career. I just recently finished leading a senior capstone thesis that received top marks and high regards from a panel of industry professionals and professional lecturers at Marist College. I personally created a hypothetical online retail company (name, logo, design, financial, social media ROI, social media accounts, advertising campaigns, marketing plans, line sheets, visual merchandising, color stories, packaging, SWOTS, six-month plans, and P&L sheets) from scratch that was deeply rooted in sustainability and ocean conservation. I just recently returned from a study abroad in London where I worked for a small fair-trade company: Hiro + Wolf / Artisans + Adventurers. With them, I assisted in holiday visual merchandising for the store including the large street window. I assisted curating the store to maximize space utilization. I have worked every facet of a retail company from top to bottom. I have no problem working hands-on, with other individuals, or digital designing. I have also worked for Billabong on their women's product development team. Here I was responsible for the organization and creative direction. We worked hard perfecting color schemes, mood boards, and trend concepts. I would say that my strengths lie in design, creative design concept, and buying. I love coming up with new themes and stories to accompany a season or a collection. I work well with my team and am quick to report back to my superiors. I am a deep believer in problem-solving; I always
manage to find a way to remedy a situation. This ability has not only benefited me in the industry but has saved my life multiple times.

I understand the fashion industry, I am on top of industry trends, and ample experience with all Adobe Cloud programs. I set realistic goals and objectives that will work towards the betterment of myself and my company. Life is a learning process and so is the fashion industry. Change is the only constant when dealing with this industry and I embrace the notion of change. I would love to bring my unique experiences, perspectives, and upbeat personality to the Brixton Team! This position is a perfect fit for me because I have the creative experience, the consumer knowledge, the technical and analytical skills, and the ability to execute a difficult challenge. I know I will continue to be a valuable asset for this company because I am innovative, passionate, and overall an exemplary addition to this brand.