Bryce Blanton


Through years of social media experience, I have developed the ability to effectively relate and communicate with various types of people. I value establishing substantive relationships and live by the philosophy of executing every task at hand to the best of my ability. I'm a firm advocate of customer service and get energized from being around others. When working on a team, I enjoy leading by example of what my team should be doing and I also have the capability to work exceptionally well on my own.

I take pride in being coachable and a fast learner. Graphic design, social media and story telling are examples of skill sets that have been improved during the course of previous positions. Over the past few years and positions, I've learned how to manage different personalities and understand the importance of utilizing the strengths of a person to the benefit of the team.

Being a part of smaller teams that require wearing more than one hat has allowed me to become better at time management, prioritizing and setting/keeping my own schedule and deadlines. Being a creative problem solver, storyteller and having an array of skillets have come in handy when working with small budgets or limited personnel.