Emily Tate


For as long as I can remember I have always had a love for the outdoors and specifically the ocean. From the time of camping at the beach to spending summers at the lake, it was always a big part of my life. I knew I wanted to grow in a career that would allow me to work with companies that also share in that passion for the environment. I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Sustainable Communities. I participated in many leadership roles while in school and developed strong communication and public speaking skills that helped me advance in my career. I have been working with travisMathew for about 3 years. Starting in the HQ retail location I immersed myself in Brand, Product and Client knowledge. This presented an opportunity to move into Marketing. As the Marketing Service coordinator I handle everything from Product Photos for websites, to styling on photoshoots, handling samples, collaborating with all departments in Marketing and everything in between. A dream role would be to take what I have gained so far in my career and work with a company that provides products that help people experience nature and learn the importance of sustaining its beauty.