Randy Crane


Dynamic and versatile Analyst combining a wealth of experience as an analyst, speaker/writer, and business professional, developing individuals and teams, creating customized programs, and managing complex and escalated issues. Passionate life-long learner enthusiastically motivated to learn new methods and technologies, and committed to achieving defined objectives. Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills building rapport with diverse audiences, delivering complex or hard-to-understand content with ease, and improving performance. Skilled in analyzing data, supporting new technology implementations, and using both to obtain desired results with high efficiency. Core competencies include:
• Quantitative & Analytical Skills
• Detail Oriented/Obsessed
• Quality Control (QC)
• Self Motivated
• Strategically Oriented
• Time Management
• Advanced Excel Skills
• Presentation Skills
• Strong Verbal/Written Skills
• Data Synthesis
• Highly Organized
• Naturally Curious, Fast Learner