Nicholas Schoen


Currently working at KBOO community radio in the media/social media department. KBOO allows for a unique work experience where I am able to learn from talented individuals across media departments without limiting myself to one specific job function giving me a more holistic training experience.

The majority of my time is spent managing KBOO's various social media platforms, conducting research related to each programs theme for that day and creating posts that are interesting, informative and link followers to other relevant content.

Anyone who has worked at KBOO will tell you that it is essential to their success to remain adaptable and be somewhat of a generalist. While each staff member has their own specific skill set, everyone is expected to be able to assist other departments and play a number of different roles.

My experience in the media department has been no different being thrown the whole gamut of a news/radio production studio. I routinely do audio editing, taking pictures and videos for online content, implement marketing campaigns and write, edit and record the afternoon 'News at Noon' segment.

One achievement I am particularly proud of was assisting the media coordinator with planning an implementing the social aspects of KBOO's first ever successfully funded Kickstarter campaign which also included creating the promotional video and messaging.