James  Fernandez


My education and first 11 years of work was geared towards the goal of working in zoo conservation. I dedicated my life to gaining as much knowledge and experience in the field as possible. I worked on conservation programs, continued my professional growth through work exchanges and conferences. I loved every minute of it and had a tremendous amount of passion for the work.

Five years ago I applied to become a Tour Leader with Backroads Inc with the hopes of experiencing the natural world first hand. I also hoped to take my passion for conservation and transmit this to our clients in the field. This all came true as I have lead in incredible regions having the opportunity to share my passion for nature and wildlife conservation with thousands of guests. Regions I have lead in include Spain, Cuba, Costa Rica, Ecuador and the Galapagos, Costa Rica, and the USA.

My time at Backroads Inc has opened doors for me I never knew existed. I have been able to share my passion all while gaining valuable skills in negotiation, relationship building, problem solving, emergency management, quality control, and customer service. My role at Backroads has taught me valuable hard and soft skills that have mad me a very dynamic individual.