Jake Golden


I started a clothing brand named, World's Fair Supply out of my college dorm room in 2014. World's Fair Supply has sold items to thirteen countries around the world (United States, United Kingdom, Austria, Australia, Denmark, Canada, Finland, Germany, Poland, Holland, Sweden, Latvia, and Japan).

I am responsible for all aspects of operation including, but not limited to: brand marketing, design, packaging, finance, copywriting, art direction, and material sourcing.

It is stocked in two stores, Mister Green Life Store and The Inconvenience Store inside of Fred Segal.

Additionally, I have completed freelance consulting and graphic design work. My clients have been featured in The World's Best Ever, Reddit Streetwear, Bleacher Report, SLAMOnline, USA Today, and BallIsLife.

Some of my interests outside of the professional realm include: NBA Basketball, skateboarding, jazz music, hip-hop music, design and travel. I have a comprehensive collection of National Geographic Magazines from the 1950s, pennants and patches from World's Fair expositions, art zines/books, and clothes from Japan.

I graduated from Xavier University in May 2018 with a BSBA in Marketing and I currently live in Los Angeles. I am always looking to learn and meet interesting, creative people. Feel free to reach out!

Email: [email protected]