Lynda Maldonado


I’m a strategic creative who can define direction and put it into action. I believe in continually striving to find the best process for a team and streamlining communication between departments and stakeholders.

My professional value is in creative direction and brand evolution but I’m also:

• A leader
I’m fueled by channeling a team’s energy to work together for a common goal.

• Finding solutions
Internally, externally, cross-functionally.

• Proactive
Anticipating the next move.

• Connecting the dots
Weaving the threads of the brand story through multiple channels.

• A User Experience advocate
It’s all about the customer needs and expectations.

• An athlete
I balance a creative mind with an active life.

Expertise: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Brand development, Graphic Design, Web Design, Logos, Illustration, Bicycle Industry, Outdoor Industry