Josef DeBower

Josef DeBower

Mechanical Engineer

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I am a mechanical engineer with 3 years of experience working in automotive engine component design and development as well as mass production agricultural manufacturing. My career thus far has given me a full scope of manufacturing in the demanding automotive industry from prototype development and design concept to series production. During my time as a Process Engineer, I utilized Solidworks to design tooling for prototype assembly and automotive production line for European based clients. I gained substantial hands on experience using high precision measurement equipment and the tools I designed to assemble prototypes on a strict timeline that coincided with the customers demand for start of series production. I gained experience using the Six Sigma development process to formulate Control plans and create Process FMEA, DFM, and DFA documents in conjunction with the Design FMEA to assist in production line development with my Netherlands-based colleagues. During my time there, I incorporated the use of 3d printers in house to help lower cost and decrease lead time in the ever-changing prototype stages.

My current role as a Manufacturing Engineer has allowed me to gain experience on the factory floor to help improve processes for end of line production that satisfies the demanding agricultural machinery industry. In this role, I have gained experience supervising operators, diagnosing and solving issues quickly to keep production running, and optimizing factory floor layout for welding and paint production using AutoCad. I have also worked to produce tooling models for the operators utilizing Creo.

Throughout my experience as a professional motocross racer, I have gained tribal knowledge in the niche realm of action sports and cycling. My goal is to land a position and build a career working with people that share the same passion and enthusiasm as I do for the products that they produce.