walter wood


Reaching my childhood dream of becoming a professional skier became a reality before I could drive. The experience of competing in my first X Games at the age of 16 and, traveling the world independently for a decade shaped the person I am today. Instead of proms I skied in Dew Tours and instead of parent-teacher meetings my parents encouraged me to work closely with brands which varied from negotiating contracts to filming commercials. Being exposed to these experiences at a young age molded me into the passionate young marketer I am today. After missing the 2014 Olympics by a few points, I decided to direct my focus towards my education where I was accepted into the David Eccles School of Business. Squeezing the most out of my college experience I became VP of two student organizations and worked numerous jobs including everything from call centers to agency positions to obtain my degree. It was only natural that I applied my love for competition, the creative process and, empathy to the world of commerce.
When I'm not obsessing over new technology or critically analyzing advertisements, I’m writing a book about my families story of escaping Genocide and finding our way to the United States.