Bianca Tamura


I can bring you value with 2 skills.

1. Marketing/Business Administration

I hold extensive knowledge from earning a Business degree with a focus in Marketing from Temple University’s Fox School of Business. During my time at school, I completed brand research, business memos, and entrepreneurial simulations. I want to share the skills I learned here to benefit your business. As for marketing, I worked in Berlin as a full-time Social Media Manager by independently creating and managing all photo and video content for a startup’s social platforms to achieve brand awareness and organic user acquisition. In the US, I have worked for companies like Red Bull, Vans, Temenos, and BANGS Shoes within their marketing departments to achieve similar brand awareness goals. I can assure you that I have the creative flare, interpersonal skills, and teammate attitude to drive results.

2. Content Production

I am a videographer, video editor, and photographer that can help create content to make an impact on your audience. I have the ability to write voiceover scripts which tell compelling and emotional stories that are relatable to viewers. These are types of video formats I can help you with: short documentaries, commercials, social media advertisements, voiceovers, and vlogs. In fact, my experience with directing and editing a short documentary for a Philadelphia Fashion Show organization earned me valuable storytelling and interpersonal skills. I interviewed executives and wrote scripts to tell their brand's story. I was also able to learn about camera equipment such as DSLR cameras, lighting, and audio. The combination of my skills with Adobe Creative Cloud, content creation, and scriptwriting can fuel the process to your creative goals.

My website is which contains my work.