Anthony Karzen


I am a 25+year veteran of the outdoor industry and a committed mountain biker. I have spent a life time getting after it, be that on skis, rock climbing, or whitewater kayaking. Having grown up in Steamboat Springs, Co., and then on to the University of Colorado at Boulder, outdoor life is in my genetic structure.
After Living in the Washington DC area with my wife (where I rep'ed for Fischer Skis and Riot Kayaks), we moved to her home country of Croatia. Since moving here, I have learned a great deal about adaptability as the 'outdoor' world/market as I knew it was in total dysfunction when I arrived, (only now after 15+ years has the word 'outdoor' entered the lexicon). I quickly turned my skills and experience to consulting on 'adventure' tourism development projects, working in Bosnia on development of the 'Via Dinarica' long trail project, Montenegro on multiple efforts, (most notable is the Hike & Bike development project for the United Nations Development Program), as well as numerous efforts in Croatia as well as Serbia.
After a fairly short stint (through 2018 to mid 2019) acting as an International Sales Management and product launch coordination consultant for the eMTB sector for Greyp bikes, I worked with MTBZone Bike Parks as a B2B management consultant. My primary interest is to return to the US and work with a MTB manufacturer.
UPDATE: Since the outbreak of Covid-19 our world is seeing changes that have yet to fully sort out. After receiving a call from a friend who owns the largest retail and distribution operation in Croatia (Kiendl Sport) to help with bike service and bike builds, I have been working there mostly builds and warranty service repair. None of knows where this will all land, but I am still open and looking for a long term relationship with the right company in some capacity.