Shawn Charlton


I am a retail store operations manager, salesman, and mechanic specialist, with 19+ years of combined industry and sales management experience. I'm looking to further enjoy the cycling community where I can employ the skills I have amassed toward a pastime and profession I adore.
I have a strong background in shop operations including; management, inventory, sales forecasting, ordering, hiring, scheduling, internal communications and organization--as well as maintaining relationships with vendors and using this in conjunction with an effective sales technique that satisfies customers and sales goals alike. I’ve attended numerous trade shows and invested in extensive training to advance my professional knowledge. I am an "idea person" an inventor of sorts and I enjoy thinking outside the box.

But the bottom line is: I love to ride bikes! Around town, you might see me riding my 1974 Sears and Roebuck 3-speed, or my new 1984 Dahon fold up. On the road, my Specialized Tarmac Pro is the choice, and my favorite arena, on the mountain, I ride a Stumpjumper Expert Evo Carbon 27.5 custom build.

Whether I'm in the shop or out on the trails, I aim to help as many people as possible experience the benefit of a performance oriented ride, with the equipment that best suits their needs. I love the outdoors, the adventures and the great minds nature breeds.