Molly McMahon


A dedicated professional with 4+ years of combined experience in marketing, communication, social media and sales. Specializes in creating and developing strong relationships to maximize brand awareness and profits. Lead client relationship building process by handling all inbound marketing inquiries. Recognized ability to hone in on consumer gratification by creating a distinct market place to consistently reach the most valued target audience. With a knack for creativity and strategy, my unique experience in brand marketing and passion for innovation has taught me how to successfully use the impact of new technologies to drive and increase results. With the use of digital marketing platforms, I conducted various influencer campaigns increasing the brands earned media value by 61%+ YoY, while sustaining relationships with over 400 influencers and partners. Developed messaging for outreach, copy, social media, marketing, blogs and tag lines. Managed paid ambassadors for events, set up booths, shows and pop-ups. Worked as an on-site product assistant for professional photoshoots. Ability to thrive in a fast paced/startup environment and work independently to successfully complete projects on time, from start to finish