Johann Wolf

Johann Wolf

Executive Creative Director | Futurist | Ideator

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I'm never afraid to get my hands dirty making something gorgeous.

I believe humanity is currently over-marketing to ourselves and there is a beautiful opportunity now for brands to create magnificent human experiences.


STRATEGIC CREATIVE DIRECTION for ideation, audiovisual storytelling, design and execution of experiences, campaigns and activations to powerfully transform people, organizations, brands and agencies within quickly changing techno-socio systems.

TEAM LEADERSHIP and inspiration of large tribes of diverse personalities in deadline driven environments. Mentoring employee career development. Leading cross-functional collaboration by leveraging innovative best practices. Developing industry outreach opportunities and planting the agency flag in new territories.

CLIENT STEWARDSHIP that expresses our tribe’s values driven relationships while delivering compelling, memorable activations that evolve brand-to-human relationships, grow awareness, earn loyalty & build trust.