Megan Franco


I have experience in prioritizing and managing projects to meet benchmarks and deadlines. By utilizing information management skills, I oversee the product life cycle from initial request for quote to final product inspection. I use project management software to ensure requirements are met to keep the production schedule on track.
Communication is a skill that I rely on heavily to create and grow both customer and supplier relationships. Understanding how to implement quality assurance during product development and production allow me to effectively manage quality control prior to shipment.

I have been working out of my company's China office located in Shenzhen since January 2017. Being the first US employee to work in our China office has allowed me to work more directly with our suppliers, learn new production processes and improve my communication with our China team. Working in this industry has allowed me to work with a multitude of materials (stainless steel, plastics, rubbers, ceramics, die cast metals, wood, glass) as well as improve my understanding of production processes, design limitations, potential risks with materials and how efficiently get product to market. Being able to receive an initial request for quote and already have a knowledge base for how to accomplish the final product has been a catalyst for me wanting to expand my knowledge into other areas such as quality assurance and control. Building strong relationships with our vendors allows me to more effectively problem solve and proactively find solutions to possible issues that may arise during production.