Boris Vrbich

Boris Vrbich

Graphic Designer + Web Designer

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Create an opportunity and something new... a new what’s next.

Over the years, I have developed a strong understanding of design principles, passion for typography, a strong sense and understanding of color. I produce clean, quality work with integrity and attention to detail throughout all projects. I definitely have the attention and enthusiasm for graphic design because it’s actually something I want to be a part of, not just the opportunity of a position. I have had 22 years experience as a Graphic Designer for professional design firm Zylka Design, as well as my own freelance clients. I am someone that is extremely familiar with the responsibilities associated with an experienced design role, and can perform them confidently and efficiently. I have performed and proven the necessary skills throughout my design career on a daily basis, and have the personality and progressive motivation to complement that. I want to be a successful and positive fit with anything that I do — by producing design work that is functional, moving, creative and current... and well, looking good is important too.

Among other things, being surrounded by art and design is a must for me. Graphic design can have creative function, be visually appealing or just attention getting, but it also needs to solve a visual communication need as well. Accomplishing projects that turn out well and work successfully is motivating for me, as is continuing to learn from ideas and styles of other people. It’s an awesome tool and ability. I am quality-oriented. I am detailed-oriented. I am professional and open minded. I have been considered detail-oriented by my coworkers, art / creative director and clients. And yes, I can be funny and have wacky ideas at times, but always with a respectable and professional design thought and approach. Over the course of my 22-year design and web career, I have developed my style and the experience towards designing and creating assets including packaging, advertising, marketing collateral, logos and identity, POP / POS, trade show and merchandising materials, websites, web banners, email campaigns and social media. All with attention to the current moment in design, how it’s changing and how that does or does not apply to each project. It is important to know past trends as well as able to view an idea from outside and inside, as the solution is often hidden in plain view. Simple can be more. Overall, I have successfully demonstrated creative thinking, working projects from draft to final, multi-tasking, and organizational abilities in every aspect of my career.

Personally, it’s motivating and inspiring to complement any company or organization. That’s powerful and I look forward to it.

Boris Vrbich


- Strong understanding of design principles, passion for typography, strong sense and understanding of color

- Work effectively as a team or individually, always able to adapt quickly in new environments

- Visualize and develop overall concept, design, layout, typesetting, rendering and production

- Keen eye and passion for high-end graphic design — motivated, creative forward thinking with understanding of current trends and past methods

- Produce clean, quality work with integrity and attention to detail throughout all projects

- Strong organization, able to prioritize, multi-task with multiple projects and brands, problem solve, not easily overwhelmed

- Able to take or give direction, strong listening and communication skills

- Understanding communication of ideas by ensuring consistent branding and messaging

- Visualize and develop overall design and layout to create assets including packaging, advertising, marketing collateral, logos and identity, POP, trade show and merchandising materials, websites, web banners and social media

- Experienced with different print outputs and methods, print production, scanning, image manipulation, color correction and film output

- Experienced in a Mac OS computer environment

- Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite (Mac based): Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, GoLive, InDesign

- Knowledgeable with HTML, CSS, mobile design, Adobe LiveMotion, Flash and Dreamweaver, CoffeeCup Responsive Site Designer, DUDA Mobile, working knowledge with Apple iWork Office and Microsoft Office Suites