Andrew Calabrese


Originally I had planned to pursue a degree in Materials Science Engineering, but after some hard times during my first two years I decided to make a change. I switched into the Packaging Systems and Design major and because of this I was really able to apply myself to doing something I love. The PSD major is one based on Sustainability, teaching it's students about Natural materials like corrugated boxes, wood and also paper; though it also heavily emphasizes the ever growing demand for polymer based materials. The classes required give you many chances to show creativity while learning about the field and many problems faced by the students require a flexible mind to overcome. While many of the classes are science based, PSD students are also required to take multiple classes that are angled towards production, shipping and marketing areas which prepare them for the business aspect of real world. I hope to find a position that allows me to be creative while also letting me be involved in an area that I have a personal interest in.