Anette Zielinski


I like making product happen. I have sourced and developed from global manufacturers and vendors across a complete spectrum of products including footwear, textiles, leather, hardware and components. While never losing sight of supporting the design point of view, the end consumer, and the bottom line. The key questions being: Does it fit? Does it look good? Is it affordable? And can we duplicate in mass production?

I am a Materials & Product Development person with progressive operations experience for top brands including Nike, The North Face, Puma, Diesel, Vans and Keen. I am known for strong design support, cross-functional relationships, team building and strong factory relationships. I have a creative eye, yet the skills for logistics.

I am particularly proud of my great relationships; The vendors trust me to be fair and honest. I have developed, trained, calibrated, and managed factory partnerships in Italy, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, India, and USA. The Design teams trust me to understand what they want and let them know in a timely manner what is workable and what we need to have another plan for.

I enjoy seeking out new trend and sourcing opportunities through market research. I have an innate ability to create compelling stories focused on unique materials blends and constructions, and have worked hand in hand with the suppliers and design departments to bring these opportunities and innovations to market. My travel has included China, Hong Kong, France, Italy, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Amsterdam, London, NY, LA, Miami, Berlin, Florence, and Milan.

I am always interested in connecting with colleagues or old friends. Feel free to reach me at [email protected]