Karl Hofmeister

Karl Hofmeister

MBA: Seeking Professional Career

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I am a recent graduate of the Full-time Master of Business Administration program at Bowling Green State University. I made the decision to jump right into graduate school after receiving my Bachelor of Science in Construction Management because I wanted to have a well-rounded skill set before stepping into the workforce.

As you might be able to guess after skimming my profile, my two main passions are construction and skateboarding. An ideal career for me would be one in which I could actively be involved with both of these activities such as skatepark design/construction. Nevertheless, I am also very interested and eager to get to work in many other areas of construction or business management.

In terms of my personality, I pride myself with being a well-organized, goal-oriented individual. My drive to succeed with distinction is a characteristic that I bring to any individual or group project.

I look forward to what the future holds and I am excited to put my education to the test!